Renaissance Downtowns’ efforts are rooted in the principles of smart growth, sustainability and locally-based economic development, using a comprehensive and holistic program to invest in the downtown with a goal of creating a vibrant, walkable destination neighborhood in collaboration with the community.

This approach represents a triple-bottom-line philosophy of social, economic and environmental sustainability, resulting in a revitalized downtown Hempstead that is once again a regional magnet for economic and cultural prosperity.

In order to achieve these goals, we plan on incorporating:

Smart Growth principles as defined by the Smart Growth Network, the Urban Land Institute, the Charter for the New Urbanism; green standards as defined by the U.S. Green Building Council; and local economic development principles as defined by Cooltown Studios:

Principles of the Smart Growth Network
– The Charter for the New Urbanism
– U.S. Green Building Council LEED-ND green neighborhood design guidelines
– Cooltown Studios local economic development principles

Triple bottom line questions to ask:

Is the project financially viable to investors

Are construction jobs being sourced locally whenever feasible
Is housing being developed at prices that the local residents either can afford or are in favor of
Are enough job-creating businesses being attracted
Are placemaking principles (ie CNU Charter) being met to ensure a high quality of life
Are there enough well-supported public places to encourage a sense of community
Does the community feel they have a meaningful role in the development of the project
Are there enough places accommodating the growing market that wants to live car free

Are LEED-ND and LEED building certifications being met
Are there enough places accommodating the growing market that wants to live car free